Terms and Conditions

  1. All quoted rates are in GBP and exclude VAT at the time of consignment collection.
  2. All international carriage is undertaken subject to the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR).
  3. Insurance for the goods is provided by the Haulage Contractor. Any claims over £100 should be directed to The Haulage Contractor.
  4. All Customs Clearance Services are transacted under the AEO Standards.
  5. Storage is undertaken under CCF Conditions 2019, under which Polarkold, Celtic Cold Storage & Tilbury’s liability is limited to £250 per ton. Copies of the third party’s insurance and T’s & C’s are available upon request. It is recommended that customers take out their own insurance if extra cover is required.
  6. Terms of payment are net monthly. Should the account fall overdue, Foodlynx reserves the right to use all legal options available to it, including the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998, to claim compensation, interest and reasonable costs in recovering all outstanding balances and to withdraw credit facilities.
  7. Standard temperature settings in transit are +3°C (Chilled) and -22°C (Frozen) Customers should also note the normal temperature regimes of our vehicles and storage facilities can fluctuate between 0°C to +5°C for chilled goods and -14°C or colder for frozen goods.
  8. Foodlynx’s service is offered on the basis of a shared-user food distribution network. Customers must accept that deliveries will be made when a full load (or load that is deemed to be commercially viable) is ready to leave. Foodlynx can not be held responsible for delays due to lack of pallets on trucks for deliveries in a specific area.
  9. To maintain food safety, certain food and all non-food items are only permitted by prior agreement, special arrangement. We reserve the right to refuse to transport or store goods that allow the possibility of taint or contamination of other consignments.
  10. Foodlynx and our contractors do not undertake to segregate different categories of consignment, other than for temperature.
  11. All goods should be palletised using good quality, unbroken 4-way entry UK or Euro pallets.
  12. Heat Treated pallets must be used for deliveries to Europe.
  13. Goods must not exceed 2.4m in height or be over 1000kgs in gross weight.
  14. No part of a consignment may exceed the maximum footprint of a standard pallet, 1200mm x 1000mm.
  15. All goods must be fully covered or packed.
  16. Goods must be stacked and secured in a way that will maintain stability during transit and/or storage, even if otherwise unsecured.
  17. Liquids must be fully contained using a method that eliminates leakage.
  18. Foodlynx reserves the right to make additional charges for any extra packing, re-stacking, supply of HT Pallets and goods transfer, deemed necessary to make consignments safe for transportation or storage. Any extra pallets used will result in a charge for the additional transport or storage space required.
  19. All pallet types will be treated as ‘one way’ and will not be exchanged.
  20. The disposal of unwanted goods is not part of the service Foodlynx offers. Any goods deemed by Foodlynx as unfit for transport/storage, or rejected from the delivery point through no fault of Foodlynx’s will be returned to Customers and charged for. Requests for the disposal of goods in these circumstances will also be subject to a charge.
  21. Claims must be notified in writing to Foodlynx within seven days of any incident. Such claims may not be deducted from invoices issued by Foodlynx. Claims will not normally be accepted for consignments received ‘unchecked.’
  22. Online bookings for transport requests should be made, via Foodlynx’s website-based portal.
  23. Transport Requests should be received by Foodlynx no later than 48hrs on the day before the requested collection, based on a 5 day working week.
  24. Foodlynx reserves the right to raise charges in respect of pallet spaces/ vehicles booked (verbally, by email or by the Portal) and not utilised, if not notified within 48 business hrs of dispatch.
  25. Transport Requests should include order numbers or account details necessary for goods to be released or booked in.
  26. Foodlynx reserves the right to discuss booking arrangements directly with collection or delivery locations as and when necessary.
  27. Timed collections or deliveries for consignments can be difficult to achieve due to the variable nature of multi-drop operations. Delays can have significant ‘knock-on’ effects. Foodlynx do not accept claims for late delivery or consequential loss.
  28. Drivers will sign to acknowledge receipt of a consignment when making a collection, but this signature will not be evidence of the condition or correctness of the declared nature, quantity or weight of the consignment.
  29. All consignments must be clearly marked or labelled with the receiving party’s name and full address.
  30. Any consignment that cannot be identified will be kept on hold until such time as the correct destination can be confirmed. Foodlynx will not be held liable for any additional costs incurred through the resulting delay to the delivery. We also reserve the right to charge for empty spaces on the truck.
  31. Foodlynx will generate a printed CMR to accompany the goods.
  32. A delay in excess of 1 hour at the collection or delivery location may result in the vehicle continuing with its journey so as not to delay other consignments. Re-presenting the consignment at the next available opportunity will result in an additional charge being made.
  33. All goods being received by Foodlynx or our Stores must be labelled and accompanied by appropriate documentation containing details of the goods, order number and/or account details and booking reference.
  34. Our Stores are only able to check quantity of goods by the pallet, not the box.
  35. We reserve the right to sell any stock in cold store, to cover un-paid invoices. Any surplus funds will be refunded to the customer.
  36. Temperature of the goods will be checked using non-destructive means. Foodlynx or it’s contractors, do not undertake to perform checks on the nature, quality or substance of the product itself, unless clearly affected by some form of damage to the consignment.
  37. If consignments are to be delivered to a Foodlynx store, by a third party, the relevant Depot must be contacted in order to make the delivery/collection booking. Local site rules must be obeyed at all times.
  38. All Foodlynx goods are sold on an ex-works basis and will be invoiced on the date prior to dispatch.
  39. All goods transported for a third party will be invoiced on the date prior to dispatch.
  40. If Transport of Foodlynx goods is required, a charge will be applied. The goods will exchange hands and will be invoiced for, at the point of dispatch, not the point of receipt. However the title of all goods supplied by Foodlynx, remain with Foodlynx, until paid for in full.
  41. If a supplier fails to deliver, or fails to supply trace information, resulting in empty spaces on the truck, the supplier will be charged for empty spaces. This will be a maximum of £200 per space.
  42. Delays at customs or sanitary will be charged after 3 hours. This will be at rate of £50 per hour or a daily rate of £500 a day (whichever is the lesser). This will be charged to the Client who’s goods cause the delay. In the event of it being multiple clients causing the delay, the demurrage will be divisible by the number of pallets on the truck and charged to the client accordingly.
  43. It is the Suppliers responsibility to provide clear and accurate information to Foodlynx for customs and sanitary clearance. Foodlynx has no liability for incorrect information being supplied and therefore must be exempt from all charges resulting from thus.