Export Procedures After Brexit

  1. Complete the account set up (Customs Agent Authorisation, Foodlynx Transit Account & Portico Duty Account). All found on the Customer set-up section of the website.
  2. Place an order with your supplier.
  3. The Supplier produces the goods.
  4. The Supplier uses the Foodlynx Customs Declaration button on our website, to notify Foodlynx & our Customs Agents of the order. By completing this, it gives us all the information required for our Customs Agents to complete the Export & Import Documentation. Please note:- The Commercial Invoice and detailed Picking note must be uploaded using the drag and drop function on this declaration.
  5. The Importing agents in Spain will then be contacted by our Export Agents informing them of a pending import.
  6. If the products being sold are made from animal products, (ie) meat or dairy, The Supplier must use the Export Health Cert. button on our website, to enable an Export Health Certificate (EHC) to be produced. (One EHC per product containing animal products). Please note:- all supporting documentation must be uploaded using the drag and drop function of this declaration.
  7. The Supplier then uses the Coldstore Booking button on our website to book in their pallet for delivery into our coldstore. Alternatively, The Customer may use the Collect My Pallet button, to notify us to collect the goods. Please note:- Goods will not be accepted if one or the other system is not used.
  8. The Supplier must then use the Print My Pallet Label button on our website. They must secure the pallet label to the pallet, before collection or delivery. Please note:- Goods will not be accepted if this is not completed.
  9. By the time the goods arrive at our warehouse (either delivered or collected), the appropriate Customs Documentation and Export Health Certificates will have been applied for by our Customs agents and Official Veterinary Surgeon.
  10. All goods will arrive or be collected in Week 1 for dispatch Week 2. The transit time of the goods will increase, so Customers must allow for this in their stock-holding.
  11. On Week 2, the goods will be loaded onto the truck, supervised by the OVS, who will sign and issue the EHC’s and give them to the driver. The OVS will then seal the truck ready for dispatch.
  12. The truck will drive to the port where the driver will collect the Export & Import Documentation from our Customs Agents and start the Export and Import process.
  13. Please note: All import duty will need to be paid to The Import Agent before dispatch. They will send an invoice directly to the Importer.
  14. All customs bills will be added to the bill payers invoice and will be on your 30 day account at Foodlynx.