There will be 5 main differences when exporting after Brexit:-

1) Customs Declarations.

Every item leaving the UK will be subject to a customs declaration. This will need to travel with the goods along with a detailed picking note and commercial invoice.

Foodlynx have our own system that is linked to our appointed Customs Broker, to make our customer’s lives slightly easier!

2) Health Certification.

Every Food item that is produced from animal products, including meat and dairy products, will be required to be inspected by an Official Veterinary Surgeon, who issues a health certificate that travels with the goods. 

Foodlynx have our own system that is linked to our appointed OVS and Coldstore, to make our customer’s lives slightly easier!

3) Transit Times.

Transit times (the amount of time it takes from the order being placed to the time the goods are received) will be considerably more.

Any goods delivered to our cold store or collected by Foodlynx Logistics, will be delivered week 1 for dispatch week 2. This will give customs and OVS a suitable timescale to produce the relevant documentation.

4) Acceptance into Foodlynx Coldstore

As from 31st October, products that are to be taken out to Europe need to follow the following procedure. Failure to do so will result in the goods not being accepted at the cold store.

  1. Goods must be booked in using our online booking in system. This should be done either by The Customer, Producer or Haulier. Telephone booking will NOT be accepted.
  2. Each pallet must be clearly labelled using the Foodlynx online label producer. The label must be stuck on each and every pallet arriving at the store, without Exception.

5) Import Tax or Duty

As the UK will be outside of the EU, import tax or duty will have to be paid on all goods entering into the EU. Our Customs Agents, Portico, will invoice the owner of the goods directly, (be it the customer or the supplier). This tax must be paid by same day payment on receipt of invoice. If no payment is made, the goods will have to be removed from the truck and the owner of the goods will receive a £160 missed transit charge.

Applications for a duty deferment account with Portico and the appointment of a customs agent buttons are found on the Customer set up page.