Additional Costs After Brexit.

  1. UK Customs Clearance Documentation £53 per supplier, per customer. (maximum of 4 different products).
  2. Additional products (maximum of 8) £2.60
  3. Spanish Customs Clearance (TBA).
  4. OVS Fees (if goods derive from animals (meat or dairy)). £50 per pallet.
  5. Coldstore Storage & RH&D fees (as all goods now need to go into store) £15 per pallet.
  6. Duty/Taxes to be paid to Spanish Import Agent.

Bread Products 19059030:- including:- Sliced Bread, Focaccia, Baguettes, Brioche, Rolls/Baps, Paninette Flatbread, Bloomers.

Sausages 16010099:-

Burgers 16025010:-

Black Pudding 1061009999:-

Sliced Bacon 02031915:-

Chicken Products 16023980:- including nuggets, goujons etc.

Cheddar Cheese 0406902:-

Powders for Baking 19012000:- including Mississippi Muffin Cake Mix & Mississippi Chocolate Cake Mix.

Please note, all prices are subject to change.